Women in Agriculture Conference


To bring together women in agriculture to learn, empower, and encourage.  Women are the backbone of the family farm and help in multiple ways, often running their own operations.  We encourage and celebrate the role of women in agriculture.  

The Women in Agriculture Conference is designed for anyone interested to come learn in an atmosphere where all questions are good questions & welcomed! We encourage anyone (male or female) to attend that is seeking knowledge! We have a diverse agenda that we hope offers something for everyone! We are especially honored to have Dr. Megan Seibel, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry, as our keynote speaker! 

Those interested may register for one on one consultations with experts in the areas of whole farm planning, debt management, estate planning, and financing options. Consultations will be an hour and are meant to give participants guidance in next steps they should take. Please bring all information with you to these sessions. These consultations will be given in order of registration with limited spots.  


Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
Abingdon, VA
United States
Saturday, December 9, 2017