Come Heat and High Water: Climate Risk in the Southeastern U.S. and Texas

Friday, August 14, 2015

"The mission of the Risky Business Project is to quantify the economic risks to the U.S. from unmitigated climate change. This follow-up report focuses on the Southeast and Texas and offers a first step toward defining the range of potential economic consequences to this specific region if we continue on our current greenhouse gas emissions pathway. Our research combines state-of-the-art climate science projections through the year 2100 (and beyond in some cases) with empirically derived estimates of the impact of projected changes in temperature and precipitation on the Southeastern and Texan economies. We analyze not only those outcomes most likely to occur, but also lower-probability, higher-cost climate futures. These are tail risks, most often expressed in this report as the 1-in-20 chance events. As in our other reports, we look at climate impacts at a geographically granular level. Our findings show that if we stay on our current emissions path, the Southeast and Texas will likely experience significant economic impacts due to climate change."