IPCC 5th Assessment Report

Monday, November 24, 2014
Flickr: Len Radin

The IPCC released the 5th Assessment report in November 2014 with strong recommendations for swift climate action.

The IPCC is the leading international body for the scientific assessment of climate change. Operating under the United Nations, with 195 governments as its members, the IPCC brings together top climate scientists from around the world to conduct assessments on the latest climate science and to inform governments on decision making.

The 5th Assessment report reveals that emissions management is no longer enough to prevent the worst climate impacts, and emissions must be brought to zero while fossil fuel technologies are phased out. Global emissions will need to peak before 2020, which will require a radical change in our approach to energy production and consumption.

Click the links above to read the full report, or view the Summary for Policymakers here.