Lessons from the Storm: Case Studies on Economic Recovery and Resilience

Monday, April 13, 2015

This case study series produced by the NADO Research Foundation highlights the efforts of EDDs that have received disaster recovery funding from EDA.  The case studies demonstrate how regions have effectively used federal funding to address the impacts of natural disasters, become more resilient to future events, and increase economic competitiveness and quality of life.  While every disaster and every region have unique characteristics, EDDs and other organizations can learn a lot from each other about planning for disasters during so-called “blue-sky” periods, building partnerships, pursuing non-traditional funding sources, encouraging community engagement, and seizing the abundant opportunities to build back better following an event.

Unfortunately, severe weather and climate change have become costly and unpredictable parts of our lives.  However, sharing stories and strategies through these case studies and other resources can help us to be better prepared the next time the storm clouds gather.

Featured Case Studies:

Visit the link above for a pdf version of the case studies.