Notes from CEI’s 2nd Annual Impact Investing Roundtable: Climate Change, Social Equity, and Economic Opportunity

Monday, July 13, 2015

CEI specializes in “triple bottom line” financing for businesses that are often playing a direct or indirect role in strengthening community response to climate change. Our borrowers are advancing renewable energy technologies; creating sustainable fishery, forestry, aquaculture, and farming practices; developing energy-efficient (and affordable) housing, commercial real estate, and community facilities; and are on the front-line in stewarding Maine’s considerable natural resources. In March 2014, CEI convened its 2nd Annual Impact Investing Roundtable to further stakeholder conversations about Climate Change, Social Equity & Economic Opportunity. Approximately 70 community development leaders, investors, and advocates joined CEI staff for a 90 minute exchange of perspectives on impact investing and climate change mitigation and adaptation in Maine. These are the notes from our 2014 Impact Investing Roundtable: Climate Change Social Equity, and Economic Opportunity.