Policy Statement: Climate Change and Forests

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This is the Forest Guild's policy statement on climate change and forests. 

Forests have an effect on, and are influenced by, changing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses (GHG) in Earth’s atmosphere and the resulting changes in climatic conditions. This policy statement outlines management that enhances forests’ ability to adapt to climate change and mitigate the effects of climate change through increased carbon sequestration and storage or forest restoration activities that reduce risk of high-severity fires. The first priority is to protect and prevent the conversion and deforestation of forestland. The second priority is to protect and restore ecological functions and full stocking to impaired forests, to afforest lands not recently in forest cover where appropriate, and to reforest harvested or disturbed forests where appropriate. The third priority is to implement excellent forestry practices and public policies designed to increase the proportional yield of long-lived forest products that will foster the sequestration and storage of carbon over these time frames. 

The full policy statement is available at the links above.