Appalachian Sustainable Development

Our Mission

The mission of Appalachian Sustainable Development is to create, promote and expand economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible opportunities to help improve the lives and the health of our local communities and ecosystems.

Our Vision

We envision an Appalachian Virginia and Tennessee where:

  • Farmers, land owners, communities, et al., preserve our land, forests and waters for future generations, while meeting their economic needs now.

  • Residents understand and value high quality, nutritious and locally grown food and support the development of the local food system.

  • People of all economic means can access high quality, nutritious, locally grown food.

  • Outdoor experiential learning programs are an integral part of the education system, producing well-educated, healthy, socially equipped and environmentally conscious citizens.

  • People and communities of Appalachia have reached a state of wholeness and well-being that is self-sustaining.

Our Core Work

To advance our mission and achieve our goals and objectives, we:

  •  Educate, advocate and share lessons learned on sustainable development locally, regionally and nationally to advance local and regional food systems. development; land, water and forest conservation; green building; reduce, reuse and recycle practices; and more.

  • Foster local grower access to wholesale and direct markets and processing, aggregation and distribution services.

  • Provide training and technical assistance to growers, farmers market managers and others working in the local and regional food systems.

  • Ensure all people, including low-income families, have access to fresh, local food, as well as nutrition and cooking education that support lifelong healthy eating.

  • Educate children and youth to become environmental stewards and to grow and eat healthy food.

  • Educate land owners about sustainable land management and economic options for their forest resources.

  • Strengthen green and regionally oriented wood products businesses by providing technical support, and link Appalachian wood products supply to demand in the Southeastern U.S. by strengthening linkages in value chains.

Our Core Values