Arctic and Mountain Regions Development Institute

AMRDI provides original research into climate change vulnerability and rural community development, and partners with communities in order to innovate pathways to long-term health, well-being and prosperity in Arctic and global Mountain regions. We use cutting edge social science methodologies, and partner with local populations themselves, to maximize human prosperity, well-being and human-environmental sustainability in these critical regions. Areas of special focus therefore consist of a range of topics, including:

  • Public health disparities (with a special focus on the social determinants of communicable disease and hunger
  • Poverty reduction, and overcoming impediments to poverty reduction
  • Affordable housing and access to essential services
  • Building resilient rural economies; and assisting in the transition form resource-dependency to less shock-prone economies
  • Enhancing political representation and voice -- in each national, regional and international fora
  • Incorporating traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) into public policy and long-term decision-making
  • The implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in remote mountain regions, globally
  • Public policy for sustainability in the Western US States
  • Building climate change adaptation and resilience


Climate work from this organization

As an organization dedicated to researching climate change vulnerability and rural community development, what are some of the high-level lessons you’ve learned on how rural areas can remain strong and resilient in the face of climate change?

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