California Climate and Agriculture Network

The California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is a coalition that advances policy solutions to support California agriculture in the face of climate change. We believe that agriculture can play a constructive role in responding to the climate crisis by reducing its carbon footprint and thus help to ensure the long-term viability of our food and farming system.

The vision for California’s agricultural future that has long been articulated and modeled by sustainable agriculture provides powerful solutions to the climate crisis. These include practices and policies that minimize nitrogen-based fertilizer use, decrease tillage, increase biodiversity, conserve water, encourage local food production, protect farmland, produce on-farm renewable energy, and build the organic content of soil to sequester more carbon – all of which mitigate and help farmers adapt to climate change.

Who is CalCAN?

CalCAN members have a demonstrated commitment to an economically, ecologically sustainable and socially just food and farming system. Members include representatives from agricultural, environmental, food safety, and other organizations. We strive to be a voice for the positive contribution agriculture can make on climate protection and adaptation, and to assemble diverse expertise and stakeholders to advance specific policy proposals. 

Climate work from this organization

Renata Brillinger, Executive Director of the California Climate and Agriculture Network, offers insight into how the California drought is impacting farmers and what responses are necessary.


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