Center for Rural Strategies

The Center for Rural Strategies seeks to improve economic and social conditions for communities in the countryside and around the world through the creative and innovative use of media and communications. By presenting accurate and compelling portraits of rural lives and cultures, we hope to deepen public debate and create a national environment in which positive change for rural communities can occur.

Rural Strategies helps communities and nonprofit organizations incorporate media and communications into their work in support of strategic goals. We also design and implement information campaigns that educate the public about the problems and opportunities that exist in contemporary rural communities.

Rural Strategies publishes information about rural issues, works with press to assist them in the coverage of rural topics, and works with a wide range of partners to build a stronger voice on behalf of rural communities.

We believe that rural America's fate is interrelated to those of metropolitan and urban America. Building stronger rural communities helps the nation as a whole.

Climate work from this organization

Reprinted from the Daily Yonder

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The Center for Rural Strategies hosts the National Rural Assembly. Can you provide some history about the National Rural Assembly and tell us about this year’s gathering?

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The Center for Rural Strategies has produced numerous news stories and opinion pieces on the transition away from extractive energy in Appalachia. This booklet is a compilation of these stories.

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We are pleased to share the conference report from the June 2013 gathering of the National Rural Assembly in Bethesda, Maryland.  

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