Clean Up the River Environment

The mission of CURE is to focus public awareness on the Upper Minnesota River Watershed and to take action to restore and protect the river’s water quality, biological integrity and natural beauty for all generations.

In service to our Mission, CURE broadly pursues strategies to raise public awareness and engage policy makers on environmental and community issues that affect the watershed.  In service to our Mission, CURE advocates for those solutions that will best sustain the watershed’s ecological and human health.


Clean Up the River Environment envisions healthy human and natural communities thriving together on the land, sustained by a common ethic of care, preservation, and protection of our watershed environment.


CURE believes that we can work together to deepen our understanding and commitment to a healthy environment  and that healthy communities will not thrive without committing to the protection, preservation, and restoration of the natural places in which we all live.  CURE  grounds its work in sense of place, grassroots democracy, eco and social justice, civility and respect for those with whom disagree, and the courage to act on complex and difficult issues.  CURE also believes that we must take time to celebrate our connections to the land and each other.

Climate work from this organization

1)  CURE is a Minnesota-based organization that focuses on water, climate, and energy. How does climate change tie into that work?

CURE was founded 25 years ago as a grassroots advocacy nonprofit focused on protecting and restoring the watersheds of the Minnesota River Basin.  A decade ago,... Read more