Environmental and Energy Study Institute

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable societies. EESI believes meeting this goal requires transitions to social and economic patterns that sustain people, the environment and the natural resources upon which present and future generations depend.

EESI advances innovative policy solutions that set us on a cleaner, more secure and sustainable energy path.

Our Perspective

The climate crisis is urgent.

Climate change is one of the most serious problems facing civilization today ― impacting our infrastructure, water supply, agriculture, public health, natural ecosystems and more. Scientists and other experts say we must act today to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions to avoid catastrophic changes to the world around us.

The solution is achievable.

Energy efficiencyrenewable energy, changes in agriculture, forestry and land use management, andsustainable buildingstransportation and communities can rapidly and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These strategies can also stimulate numerous economic, national security, public health, and environmental benefits.

A healthy climate and a healthy economy go hand-in-hand.

Transforming energy infrastructures, transportation systems, land use management practices, and community designs will create new opportunities for American entrepreneurs and put America back to work.

Energy prices must reflect their true costs.

Fossil fuels are not as cheap as they seem when the environmental, health, security, and other costs paid by society are taken into account. If the federal government corrects this market failure and provides clear, long-term price signals that reflect true energy costs, consumers will quickly shift toward more energy efficient, renewable energy choices.

U.S. leadership is essential.

The United States, as the leading global greenhouse gas emitter over the past century, has a special responsibility to begin dramatic emissions reductions and to help the international community do the same.


Our Approach

EESI was founded by a bipartisan Congressional caucus in 1984, and today is governed by a diverse Board of Directors made up of environmental, business, academic, and former political leaders. Now an independent organization that receives no Congressional funding, EESI maintains its strong relationship with Congress and serves as a trusted source of credible, non-partisan information on energy and environment solutions.

Policymaker Education

EESI educates Congress and other stakeholders through our highly-respected briefings on Capitol Hill, as well as through fact sheets, policy papers, and newsletters on the latest science, technology, and policy developments.

Coalition Building

EESI facilitates communication among diverse stakeholders ― including environmental, business, consumer, national security, public health and other interests ― and their representatives in Washington, DC. We add value to the policy debate as a convener, framer, and synthesizer of issues and ideas.

Policy Development

EESI works with Congressional offices on both sides of the aisle to develop "win-win" policy solutions that accomplish multiple objectives such as reducing energy costs for consumers, strengthening national security and global competitiveness, cleaning up our air and water, improving public health, creating jobs, and fighting climate change.

Climate work from this organization

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