Forest Guild

The Forest Guild is a professional organization of forest stewards, associated natural resource professionals, and affiliates who are passionate about restoring and sustaining the integrity of forests while meeting the needs of the communities that rely on them. We are a national organization with regional projects and programs across the country. Click here to find out about the Guild's regional programs or Carbon and Climate Change initiatives.

Guild staff, members, and partners collaborate to:

  • Practice and teach forestry that sustains the integrity of forest ecosystems and the human communities that depend on them.
  • Provide venues for resource professionals and students seeking to interact with, and find support and encouragement from others, who share a passion for forest stewardship.
  • Conduct research and collaborate with others to expand knowledge about ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry.
  • Use our research and practical experience to influence national, regional, state, and local forest policies.
  • Develop solutions that harmonize ecological and human concerns.

The Forest Guild believes that the first duty of a forester—and affiliated professionals—is to the forest and its future.

  • We value responsible forest management that places the highest priority on maintaining and enhancing the entire forest ecosystem and that imitates nature’s processes.
  • We value continuous learning to increase knowledge about excellent forestry policies and practices.
  • We value the importance of field observation, experience, science, and continuous learning to the practice of forestry.
  • We value collaboration by sharing what we know and seeking opportunities to work with others who share our desire to practice ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry.
  • We are passionate about making a difference with our work.

Benefits of being a Forest Guild member include the following:

  • Supporting and finding support from an organization that is making a real difference.
  • Helping to shape forest stewardship policies and practices.
  • Opportunities to connect with peers who share your values.
  • Inspiration and satisfaction from seeing excellent forest stewardship in action.

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Climate work from this organization

This is the Forest Guild's policy statement on climate change and forests. 

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Interview with Eytan Krasilovsky, Forest Guild

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