Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Who we are: 

NAMA is a fishermen-led organization that promotes small-scale, community based fisheries.

What we do: 

We advocate for policies and practices that will sustain our fisheries. We: 

  • Transform markets: Our programs and events facilitate direct connections between consumers and fishermen.    
  • Influence policy: We work with fishery managers to make the case for supporting small-scale, community-based fishers through policy decisions. 
  • Build community: We build coalitions with like-minded fishing communities, food and farming activists, and anyone interested in knowing where their food comes from. 

Climate work from this organization

Prepared by Boyce Thorne Miller and Brett Tolley. Boyce is a marine ecologist and advisor to NAMA’s board of directors. Brett is from a four-generation commercial fishing family and is NAMA’s community organizer. 

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This fact sheet, entitled "Habitat for Fisheries," describes how marine habitats have been severely degraded by pollution and what NAMA is doing to help.

This fact sheet, entitled "Toxic Pollution and Fisheries," discusses the environmental pollutants facing the marine food web today and what NAMA is doing to help. 

As part of a public comment process fishermen from Massachusetts testified in January 2012 to the impacts of fleet consolidation and the importance of fleet diversity. You can see related videos at the... Read more