Protect the Adirondacks

Protect the Adirondacks!, Inc. (PROTECT) is a new, non-profit, grassroots membership organization dedicated to the protection and stewardship of the public and private lands of the Adirondack Park, and to building the health and diversity of its human communities and economies for the benefit of current and future generations.

As the only volunteer driven environmental organization in the park, PROTECT is able to respond quickly and decisively to environmental threats that are relatively localized, such as our recent success in helping a community block excessive tree cutting on a scenic highway. That same grass roots wellspring gives us an edge as we battle to protect the park from larger threats, such as climate change, acid rain and other forms of water pollution.

Mission Statement

Protect the Adirondacks!, Inc (PROTECT) is a grassroots, membership organization dedicated to the protection, stewardship and sustainability of the natural environment and human communities of the Adirondack Park and the New York State Forest Preserve for current and future generations.

Vision Statement

  • That Adirondack and Forest Preserve lands, waters, and wildlife are preserved and protected
  • That Adirondack and Catskill lands are permanently protected from activities that compromise their ecological integrity and wild character
  • That growth in the Adirondack Park is planned and sustainable
  • That private forest and farm lands in the Adirondacks are sustainably managed
  • That Adirondack communities enable healthy and diverse human activities and economic opportunities
  • That the “Forever Wild” clause, Article 14, section 1, of the Constitution of the State of New York shall guide Forest Preserve management
  • That the natural processes in the Park are restored and protected
  • That the quality and variety of compatible, low impact,  recreational opportunities for residents and visitors is enhanced
  • That the Adirondack Park remains connected to other wild areas

PROTECT shall undertake educational, research, scientific, investigative, philanthropic and charitable activities, grassroots advocacy campaigns, and all other pursuits as shall be determined by the Board of Directors, to best serve these purposes.  PROTECT  shall pursue its Mission through:

  • Publications
  • Conferences, symposia and lectures
  • Educational  and interpretive programs both inside and outside the Parks
  • Expanding, promoting and utilizing the Adirondack Research Library
  • Advocating to the public and its representatives on issues affecting the Parks and the Forest Preserve
  • Supporting grassroots campaigns which are compatible with the Corporations Mission and Vision