NeFU President John Hansen talks about climate change after a recent UNL Climate Scientist Announcement that acknowledges that climate change is real, it is man-made, & that Nebraska agriculture will likely be affected. NeFU has been a leader in recognizing climate change & that farmers & ranchers must have a leadership role in mitigating rising emissions. Under the Chicago Climate Change voluntary cap-and-trade program, NeFU helped farmers & ranchers enroll over 3 million... read more
John Teixeira of Lone Willow Ranch in Firebaugh, California describes the organic farming methods he uses to build soil fertility, conserve water, protect water quality and store carbon in the soil to reduce climate change. He talks about using compost to add nutrients and cover crops for nitrogen, as well as owl boxes for controlling gophers. He benefits from the conservation programs of the US Department of Agriculture. This video was produced by CalCAN.
Rosie and Ward Burroughs and their children farm organic almonds and operate an organic pasture-based dairy near Merced in California's Central Valley. They describe the methods for producing compost for fertilizing the soil, as well as the role that cattle play in maintaining the ecological balance on their grass pastures. They also talk about the need for farmers to find creative ways to deal with climate change. This video was produced by CalCAN.
On-farm biofuel production is a cornerstone of Organic Valley's sustainability program. On-farm sustainability coordinator Jake Wedeberg and Biodiesel project coordinator Zach Biermann introduce the co-op's all-biofuel trucking fleet, then visit farmer Josh Engel's oil seed plantings.
On-farm pressing and processing at the Wedeberg family farm. See the mobile oil extractor in action. Oil can be used pure, or processed into a biodiesel blend. The byproduct sunflower meal also makes a nutritious livestock feed.
As part of a public comment process fishermen from Massachusetts testified in January 2012 to the impacts of fleet consolidation and the importance of fleet diversity. You can see related videos at the Who Fishes Matters YouTube channel.
Peter Donovan talks about the 'Soil Carbon Challenge' with Sustainable World Media. Find out more:
Albert Straus, co-founder and president of Straus Family Creamery, discusses their sustainable farming practices and renewable energy generation from a methane digester installed on their dairy farm. Albert emphasizes the need for clean energy policies to make these practices widespread. This video was produced by CalCAN.